Welcome to the ship nomination stage of the SVU Ship Exchange!

Ships must be nominated and approved for this exchange for several reasons:

  1. To make matching recipients with offers simpler, by limiting both to ships of noted interest.
  2. To make sure ships are formatted consistently and correctly for easy browsing during sign-ups.
  3. To have a complete, unique tag set for the exchange, again to make the matching process run more smoothly.

As explained in the exchange FAQ, the following ships are allowable for this exchange:

  1. Pairings or threesomes, but no more than three characters per ship.
  2. Any ships featuring characters who have appeared in an actual episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, be it as a regular character, guest character, or crossover character from another tv series. You may only nominated one ship featuring a crossover character.
  3. Ships where a canonical character is to be matched with an original character (who can be nominated as Original Female Character, Original Male Character, or Original Character without gender specification. Your choice. Original characters should be a general description, however, and not a specific OC you or another author has written about previously.)

Ships do not have to be canonical or not. Ships can be popular or rare, or never even written about before! It is entirely your choice.

The tagset can be found here at AO3, along with a link for submitting your nominations: http://archiveofourown.org/tag_sets/1219/

You must be logged in to an AO3 account in order to submit your nominations. You are allowed 4 nominations, which you do not need to submit all at one time. You can go back to add nominations up to the limit until all four of your slots are filled and approved.

Once a ship has been nominated and approved once, it does not need to be nominated again. Therefore you may wish to view the currently approved nomination tagset before submitting your nominations to see if they have or have not already been submitted by someone else. (On the Tagset page, hit the down arrow next to “TV Shows” to see the list of currently approved nominations.)

Formatting your nominations:

Once you are on the nominations page, please fill in the Fandom 1 line as (obviously) “Law & Order: SVU”, whether or not you are nominating any crossover pairings.

For your up-to-4 nominations, please:

  1. List character names in alphabetical order based on first names. Even if there is a canonical AO3 tag in place that lists the characters differently, please follow our format for consistency.
  2. Use full names (“Olivia Benson”, not “Olivia”) 
  3. Do not include ranks or other titles (“George Huang”, not “Dr. George Huang”).
  4. Do not use pairing “smush names” (nominate “Ed Tucker/Olivia Benson”, not “Tuckson”).
  5. List Original Character requests after canonical characters’ names.

Not sure of the spelling of a character’s name? Please use the Law & Order Wikia if necessary.